Nå er det danske IT merket GANNI på plass hos Sienna! GANNI har vært på markedet noen år, og rukket å etablere seg som et av de største skandinaviske merker.

Her kan du lese hvordan de selv beskriver GANNI:
The GANNI mission is simple: To fill a gap in the advanced contemporary market for effortless, easy-to-wear pieces. From the perfect date-night dress to slouchy-chic Sunday knits, we design to please style-obsessed women everywhere.

“Design isn’t an intellectual exercise, it’s a gut feeling. I find inspiration in everything and nothing in particular, but music, movies and traveling usually get my mind going. Design is an emotional ride for me. If my heart is not in it, it doesn’t happen.” – Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director

Ganni is deeply rooted in Copenhagen and the easy-going and straightforward culture of the city. The Scandinavian heritage is essential to our design process, however we’re not limited by its traditional minimalist expression. We find inspiration in the bold girls of Copenhagen and around the world.

“Ganni Girls are playful, fiercely independent and uncomplicated – they instinctively know that fashion is about discovering your own style, rather than copying looks from a magazine. We design quality fashion that can be worn in different ways to suit individual style.” – Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director